I should imagine that drinking from a Sams mug would be like having company for breakfast.
— Deloris Tarzan


The mugs are meant to be sculptures in the highest sense.... In everyday use the mug sculpture with its many textures, colors, and undulating surfaces will become “alive,” extending those moments when one can relax with a warm drink. The transition from when one can only hold onto the handle of the mug because everywhere else is too hot until, gradually, as cooling takes place, the other surfaces become a tactile wilderness for fingers to explore, is the essence of this form of sculpture. Also you’ll notice how your reaction changes to the personifications on the mug-sculpture, depending if it is warm and life-like or cold and dead. Anyway, from all this you can imagine that I especially prefer my sculpture warm and alive and being used as much as possible.
— (From a letter to a buyer)