Its wild, its weird, its wonderful . . . it’s a trip.
— from The Eastside Guide, Bellevue, Washington, 1978


This documentary of Ben Sams features his writings, photographs, and videos. They uniquely reveal his views about himself and his art. The first section, Artist and Art, presents an overview of him and his art. The Showcase album in The Art highlights his art. Original writings are shown in Sams Himself, along with four videos. The Biographical section includes a biography by his wife, Cynthia Sams, and a detailed resume.  I offer a personal note and acknowledgements in the Notes section.

Robert Dale

(It should be noted that almost all of the artwork images have been derived from slides more than forty years old. Many lack titles or other information. Any available information can be accessed by enlarging the image by clicking or tapping on it. With standard computers, it will either be directly displayed or be accessible by moving the cursor onto the enlarged image. With smartphones, it will be displayed by clicking on a dot in the bottom right corner of the screen.)


(This bowl is featured in Lemar Harrington's book, "Ceramics in the Pacific Northwest, a History," page 9. The artwork on the opening page of the site, The Juggler, is pictured on page 105.)