After all the building techniques, modeling the plastic clay and controlling the image of the sculpture; after all the calculations, preparing glazes, testing glazes, and meticulous application of glaze to the sculpture; there remains the test of firing.  Each object is subjected to this unique, remote controlled transformation by intense temperatures where the clay body is vitrified and the glass melted and fused to the clay body.  The experience of being alone with a kiln loaded with months of prepared objects bathing in over a million B.T.U. of heat per hour for six or ten hours or longer to arrive at cone 10 or 2400* is indeed a most strange finishing touch to an object of fine art.
—  (From: Sams Himself / Writings / On His Art)

A broad based Showcase album highlights Sams’ art. Two comprehensive albums, Montana and Washington, present his work from the two major periods of his career. The other albums are more focused.  One is devoted to mugs because he viewed them as significant artworks and produced them throughout his career.  Together these albums serve as a comprehensive archive of his work, though many other works remain undocumented.