Sams and Boussard

"I am positively green with envy at the craftsmanly skills displayed by Ben Sams and Dana Boussard . . ."  (review)

". . . ceramicist Ben Sams and soft sculptress Dana Boussard explore their media with remarkable flexibility and assurance." (review/announcement)

"The Dynamic duo is at it again!"  (review)

 Ben Sams

". . . SAMS is perhaps the foremost ceramic sculptor in the country today." 

"Its wild, its weird, its wonderful . . . it’s a trip."  (review)

"A near sell out on a first show is almost unheard of."  (review)

"It is predicted that Sams will be one of the decade's outstanding young artists in his field."  (review)

"Ben Sams is master - he's the best ceramic sculptor in the world since Picasso," says Ms. Chase emphatically." (review)

"Sams has mastered his art to the point that the viewer can almost forget the virtuosity of his work and see only its fantastic result."  (review)

"To call the work of nearly any other sculptor "outrageous" would be either slang or hyperbole. Applied to Sams' pieces it is accurate."  (review)

"You won't be able to take your eyes off the work of Ben Sams, nor will his works be able to take their eyes off you."  (review)

"The world of Ben Sams, regardless of it ties to other ceramic and sculptural conventions, is something very singular."  (review)

"Ben has had a strong influence in revitalizing the field of ceramics as a valid art form . . . he has developed a unique ceramic art form and a totally individualistic style."  (review)